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How To Make Money Doing Surveys, AND IT"S TOTALLY FREE

Welcome to my website. I have been disabled for 5 years from a car accident, and for the last few months I have been making a pretty good extra income doing surveys online, as well as some other online businesses, and everything is completely free. I thought that if you were interested in making money doing surveys that I would give you an outline of the best way to go about getting started, and can give you a few tips that I wish I had known when I got started with surveys.

I will first go over the best way to get started, and after reading all this, I will have the links that you need to get signed up for everything that you are interested in signing up for.

The very first thing I suggest you do is get a gmail account or any separate email account that you will use for ALL the surveys and only surveys that you do. The reason for this is because if you decide to sign up for several survey sites, you could end up getting 50-100 emails a day with different ways of making money. Several of the survey sites I am going to give you even pay you just to open up emails each day, and pay anywhere from a few cents for opening up the email and clicking on a link up to a quarter per email. And it doesn't sound like alot, but if you end up getting 20 emails a day that each pay say 20 cents average that you spend about 10 seconds opening up the email and clicking on it, that would be about $4 just for around 5 minutes of work. Not too bad if you figured it up per hour! lol 

The next thing you should do is to get a Paypal and Alertpay account. These are 2 of the sites that most of the survey sites will pay you with. They are easy to sign up for, you won't need to put any money in them, you can use them just for getting paid if you want to. They are also handy to have in case you have never used Ebay, as all Ebay sellers are now required to accept Paypal as a form of payment.

Another suggestion I have is that you come up with a username and password that you are going to use, and most of the survey sites will allow to have your own chosen name and password. Some will not, they will choose the password and/or username for you, but since you will be signing up for quite a few sites, if you have the same or similar passwords and usernames, it will be easier for you to remember them. You can also just change the numerics in the username if you don't want the same one, such as Apple1, Apple2, etc. but that is just a suggestion that you want to think about before signing up, as there will be several sites that you can choose from.

So these are great tips and suggested ones, as I wish that I had known before I got started. I didn't and now I get so many emails in the same email account that I've had for years that it is sometimes hard to keep them all straight. So if you're ready to start making real money online, WILL NEVER COST YOU A PENNY to join these sites, then let's get started! I'll start with some convenient links for your new email account and the payment sites if you are new to the online business, and need them.

1. A good email account is a gmail account and they are free. Here is the link to set up your FREE gmail account. GMAIL

2. Set up your payment methods for FREE. These are 2 of the most popular ones that most of the survey sites will pay you with. PAYPAL  and ALERTPAY

I am going to list these survey sites in the order that I believe will make you the most money. So if you only wish to start with a few, the first ones are the ones that I make the best amount of money with. Just click on the link in blue to sign up for each survey site.

1. I joined QuickRewardsNetwork about 6 weeks ago and have already gotten 3 $25 payments and a $20 payment to Paypal. There are a number of ways to make money on this site and it's sister site called DailySurveyPanel and they paid me within about 24 hours of asking to be paid. I don't think there's a minimum payout either and lots of ways to earn money here. They send out several emails a day and there are about 25 survey opportunities that you can take one survey of each type per day.

2. SurveyScoutResearch is probably the next best survey site. They pay you on a pre-paid debit card and I have received 3 payments on my card of around $100 each time. They send emails out each time one comes available to you, and most of the ones they send out you will get.

3. Paidviewpoint-This is a new survey site. The great thing about this one, if you get an email about a survey, you are guaranteed that survey and payment. They haven't sent alot of surveys out yet, but each time you get paid  for the time you spent doing their survey. They will send out surveys every so often and just ask your name, sex, country, etc. to make sure that your answers remain the same and they pay you to take them each time, they are about 3 minutes or less surveys.

4. OpinionOutpost This site I have been paid $50 twice by check and they have an instant win game that you play after trying for a survey each time. I won $50 on the instant win game and didn't have to do a thing! Those are the fun advantages and most sites do have drawings each quarter, month, etc. and the more surveys you take the better chance you usually have in winning.

5. InboxDollars This was the first site I got a $30 check from and have since been paid two other times. You can do 3 surveys per day, or at least try for them, and they also have other ways to make money including 2 cents for short videos most days as well.

6. RewardPort- I just received a $50 Gift Card from Bath and Body Works for the points in my account. Probably 80 percent of those points came just from confirming that I read their emails.

7. RewardPortSurveys -This I have received a $25 payment and have almost another $25 payment due.

8. ZoomPanel This is a pretty good survey site, interesting surveys. I have not redeemed my points, but they have several choices of things that you can get with your points.

9. InboxPays This is pretty good pay for doing not alot more than reading emails. I do a few surveys, but mostly get 10-15 cents for emails, getting ready to cash out $50.

10. SurveySpot Believe both my $20 payments when I got them were instant! Not alot of surveys from them, but they have lots of little games such as instant win,etc. so opportunities to win just for being part of them.
11. SavingsBox is a new site that I joined, lots of things to make money on this site.

12. Superpoints is a site where you can spin a wheel everyday, the more people you refer, the more spins you get, but you trade your points in for money. Also surveys available on this site.

13. DollarSurveys is a site where you do a survey and get $1. I have probably gotten 75 or more $1 payments to my paypal account.

14. Surveyhead- I have received 2 $50 Paypal payments.

15. Myview I have 17,000 points, enough to get a gift card if when I want to.

16. Mysurvey Just asked for a $20 payment through Paypal with this site.

17. Hits4Pay They give you $10 to start, then you get 2 cents to watch short ads every day. Getting others to join with you is a quick way to make better money with this.

18. SendEarnings Similar to Inbox Dollars, has surveys everyday and videos

19. 5in5now Pretty easy. Lots of ways to make money

20. MindfieldOnline Many ways to make money here.

21. SnapDollars This has many ways to earn money, surveys, videos, games,etc.

22. SquishyCash Lots of ways to make money. They have different promotions about every week, like double pay, race to $5, etc. Kind of a fun site

23.  MindsPay Some surveys, mostly though these are trials. But there are some good ones

24. PandaResearch Similar to MindsPay, I don't have much in this account other than reading emails they send

25. MyOpinionNow This is a new one I just recently joined.

26. AWSurveys Great survey site. You can make $17 within the first 30 minutes by taking a few quick surveys, they are evaluating sites, and ask you to type a sentence or two. I made $17 my first 1/2 hour.

27. MyOpinionNow is a site I forgot to list, but it's a good site, you can redeem your points for cash.

28. is another site that has some kind of unique gifts for doing surveys.

29. SurveySavvy is a great site, pay you by check.

30. VindaleResearch is another site I had forgotten about

If I find other sites that I think will be money makers doing surveys I will add them onto the site as I find them. Your best bet is to just join most of them and then you can decide as you go along which ones make you the most money. I am getting probably around $300 a month minimum doing surveys and it could be more, I haven't really kept track. I just know that I"m usually getting some type of payment 2-3 times a week, so it's nice if you need some extra money for gas or to do things you can't normally afford. Any questions, feel free to ask. Best of success to you, they are sometimes kinda fun doing surveys, and once in a while you get invited to a research project that pays bigger money. I just got done doing one that took about 20 minutes for 3 days and got a $75 payment.

I'm making a few hundred dollars per month now with MyBrowserCash. I have a post below all about it. If you wish to join, please do so with the link below and then send me an email at and I will send you a $6 Ebook about how to make $100 a day with MyBrowswerCash. It takes a couple months, but it certainly is possible and you don't have to refer others, it's a pretty easy way to make additional moneys.

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