Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Make Money Doing Surveys, All Of The Following Sites Have Paid Me

If you are interested in doing surveys online, but don't know which sites actually pay and which ones are free, the following is a list of survey sites that I belong to, and will never ask for money. They are totally free to join, and all of them have paid me, whether it be through Paypal or sending me a check, I have received payment from the following sites, so feel confident that these are all good survey sites. One suggestion I have is for you to get you a gmail account or one email account just for surveys, that way you can have them all in one place, and if you don't get to them one day, they will still be there for you the next day. Below will be a short description of each site and a link to join the sites.

I joined QuickRewardsNetwork about 2 months ago and have already gotten a $25 and a $20 payment to Paypal. There are a number of ways to make money on this site and it's sister site called DailySurveyPanel and they paid me within about 24 hours of asking to be paid. I don't think there's a minimum payout either and lots of ways to earn money here.

Newest Survey Site I joined called PaidSurveysGPT , pays cash quickly and often and has the chance at about 10 surveys a day to choose from.

InboxDollars I have been paid 2 checks from them. $30 and $40. I know become a gold member for free and get in the pool for referrals when someone joins without a referral. You have other ways to make money on the site like watching 30 second videos,etc.

OpinionOutpost I have a check coming for $50, and also got a $50 check for trying a survey but didn't get it, so played their instant win game and won $50!

SurveyScoutResearch-I have not cashed out, but have $125 on account and have a debit card that I can ask them to put the money on anytime I wish to.

DollarSurveys- This one has paid me many $1 payments to Paypal, probably 75 or more times!

Paidviewpoint-Great new site, you get a survey, it's yours. You qualify. Also completely tells time through each survey, mostly shorter surveys as well.

Surveyhead- I have received a $50 Paypal payment, and have another $30 in my account.

ZoomPanel This is a pretty good survey site, interesting surveys.

InboxPays This is pretty good pay for doing not alot more than reading emails. I do a few surveys, but mostly get 10-15 cents for emails, getting ready to cash out $50.

RewardPort- I just received a $25 Gift Card from Bath and Body Works for the points in my account. Probably 80 percent of those points came just from confirming that I read their emails.

RewardPortSurveys -This I have $25 that I can redeem anytime, just haven't done it yet.

SurveySpot Believe my $20 payment when I got it was instant!

Myview I have 17,000 points, enough to get a gift card if when I want to.

Mysurvey Just asked for a $20 payment through Paypal with this site.

Hits4Pay They give you $10 to start, then you get 2 cents to watch short ads every day. Getting others to join with you is a quick way to make better money with this.
SendEarnings Similar to Inbox Dollars, has surveys everyday and videos

DailySurveyPanel-Just joined this site, Payouts are Quick, Many daily surveys.

QuickRewardsNetwork- Just joined this one as well, many survey opportunites and pay quickly as well.

5in5now Pretty easy. Lots of ways to make money

MindfieldOnline Many ways to make money here.

SnapDollars This has many ways to earn money, surveys, videos, games,etc.

SquishyCash Lots of ways to make money. They have different promotions about every week, like double pay, race to $5, etc. Kind of a fun site

MindsPay Some surveys, mostly though these are trials. But there are some good ones.

PandaResearch Similar to MindsPay, I don't have much in this account other than reading emails they send.

MyOpinionNow This is a new one I just recently joined.

AWSurveys Great survey site. You can make $17 within the first 30 minutes by taking a few quick surveys, they are evaluating sites, and ask you to type a sentence or two. I made $17 my first 1/2 hour.

ClixSenseResearch  -  Just joined this one, looks alot like Surveyhead and my favorite, SurveyScout Research.

SavingsBox is a new site I just joined. They have lots of ways to make money by doing surveys, watching videos, joining other sites, etc.

I have other survey sites that I am a member of, will add them as I remember them!


If you are interested in FREE email and free advertising, you can take a look at these free sites to join and exchange your ads to those who have opted in to get your advertisements.

Automatic Website Traffic  Instant Profit List        Safelist Extreme

List Effects     Reactivads  ListBuildingMaximizer   Downline Builder Direct

vTrafficCrush  TrafficAdBar  GottaHaveAds  Adsolutionline

Trafficadlinks  SuperAdResponse- You get lots of ads here everyday!

BusinessWorldList  SocialSafeList   ViralURL   Prospective Codex

TheFreeTrafficBar  FreeAdsMailer  UltimateProfitList

TrafficDelivers   YourSafelist   JustPlainTraffic

ViralTraffic4U  ActiveSafelist   StateoftheArtMailer

ViralInBox This is not exactly a safelist but a must have! You can have your emails separated into their own box, making it easier to find emails for a certain safelist if you need credits! Love it!

SurfAndEarn Make money doing this safelist site!


EasyHits4U-Pays You to Surf, believe it's 30 cents per 1000 sites surfed.

TopSurfer-Pays 2 cents for every 35 sites surfed

Clicking Ads For Pay, Won't Get You Rich Quick, But If You Join Them, You Will Ad Some Extra Money In Your Pocket Each Month.. Upgrade and Make Even More, But Definitely NOT NECESSARY. These sites have ads that you click for a few seconds, and get paid for each one. Some have very low payouts.

Neobux has been around for a long time. Very reliable paying site. Payout at $2 if you like!

Clixsense is another one that's been around for a few years. Click ads, and also a grid you have 25 chances to win money on each day.

PTC50 is one I recently joined, so don't know alot about payout. Will update once I get a payment.

Incentria has been around for a few years also. Has tasks you can do to earn more money.

UltimateRefBux Here you earn more on your referral clicks. Great for those that can promote!

AdMimsy This site has been around since 2005.


  1. Nice information. I've been around online for 6 years. I can suggest you two more sites to your Click & earn list. Those are Matrixmails and PtcBox, both from the same group. Matrixmails is online since 2002 and PtcBox is their new site launched in 2012.

    - Venkataraman,
    Author of