Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hi and welcome to my blog. I have a website which I call Marla's Hangout. I have created this page with people like myself in mind, and that is people that want to get started making money online, but either don't have alot of money to get started, or are on a fixed income. Both of those are why I started this online business.

After being injured in a car accident in 2007, I have been unable to work and with just getting a small government check each month, about a fourth as much as my income used to be, I needed something else to supplement that disability check, so I decided to look for something online that might help pay the bills.

Well I decided I would devote my internet marketing around finding things that did not cost the new person just getting started in the Home Based Business anything to get started. So, everything I have to offer on my website which I call Marla's Hangout will not cost you anything to join. As like most any internet business there are opportunities on most of the things I offer to upgrade to a membership that does allow you to make more money, some have quite a bit more to offer when upgrading, while others will never ask you for anything.

So bookmark this page, as I come across other opportunities I will add them to my site. Everything but the side posts will be free to join with the opportunity to make money.

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